Monday, 31 October 2016

Bondi Sands: The Real Deal

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It's a running joke between me and Chris as to how pale I am. He on one hand, has the skin of a Greek God (ha - ok) whereas I resemble a pint of milk. I am not blessed with the gorgeous, delicate, celtic skin - it's just deathly pale. So, I do what I can to get by and to look moderately...healthy?

It is so unbelievably difficult to find tanning products that don't look orange, patchy, green tinged or mahogany on me. I've tried self tanners from all price points, express ones and gradual ones but nothing can compare to the Bondi Sands range.

I'm unsure as to what made me try their range in the first place but I'm so glad I did. I use 3 products from Bondi Sands, the Self Tan Oil Liquid Gold, the Dark Self Tanning Foam and Gradual Tanning Foam. All 3 are phenomenal.

The oil is my favourite, I use this in the morning over clean, exfoliated (sometimes shaved, season depending) skin.  It's got very little guide colour so be sure to blend in throughly with a mitt. Admittedly, I felt a little underwhelmed as there was no instant colour that I like but as the day drew in, the colour developed into this gorgeous golden, natural tan. There's no need to wash off either and I haven't experienced any transfer onto my clothes. It doesn't feel too tacky and sinks into the skin quickly, so it's perfect when you're a little strapped for time.

When I need to crank it up a notch or a "Ross Shade 8" as I like to call it, I reach for the Dark Tanning Foam. As I have oilier skin, a foam is what I settled for as they settle onto my skin better. It does require a little longer in drying time than the oil, traditionally to be applied at night and washed off in the morning. It definitely gives a deeper shade of bronze, without the orange and it doesn't sink into my pores. A seriously comfortable tan and a lovely, even wear.

Last of all is the gradual tanning foam. I use this in the interim when I'm not applying the oil or dark foam. This is hands down, the best gradual tanner I've ever used. No weird smell, no sticky feeling and no patching. The foam sits better on an oiler skin than a normal lotion would. It sinks in to the skin so quickly and there's absolutely no residue so you can get dressed in a snap and it doesn't stick to your jeans. That struggle is real. It keeps my colour looking really fresh and natural as well as moisturising my skin. Unbelievably this post is not sponsored in any way, which is a true testament of  how good this brand really is.

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