Tuesday, 6 September 2016

BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette

Jaclyn Hill Becca Cosmetics Champagne Pop

First of all, can we just take a minute? I can hear angels singing & the heaven's opening whenever I look at this palette. Now, I don't often go gaga over "hyped" products. They generally end up not having the same effect on me as everyone else, however, this offering from BECCA & Jaclyn Hill breaks the mould entirely.

The Champagne Collection Face Palette includes 2 Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfectors, the iconic Champagne Pop shade and the more yellow/golden Prosecco Pop. It also has 3 blush shades, Rose Spritz (Lumious blush), Ameretto & Pamplemousse in the mineral blush formulas. First of all, the pigmentation and formula of the skin perfecters are insane. They are crazy pigmented and they glide on the skin like a dream - it's quite the spiritual experience when applying. Champagne Pop is definitely my favourite shade out of the two. It has a beautiful peach tone to it, which i can imagine would suit every skin tone out there.

The blushes did surprise me, pleasantly no less. On first glance, they may seem a little OTT, but believe me, they are stunning. Do not be scared of the intense pink shade, Pamplemousse, it is actually fairly sheer on the skin and incredibly flattering. Rose Spritz is a beautiful peach-pink with a gold shimmer running through & Amaretto being a warm, toned brown/bronze, simply gorgeous. These 2 are very pigmented, so a light hand is required.

It's worth noting, that this may be hard to get a hold of now but I do know you may be able to get the shades either separately or in the splits, here.

I would certainly say, the formulation is like nothing else I've tried or seen before & I'm really looking forward to seeing what else BECCA & Jaclyn Hill have in store.

Have you any other BECCA recommendations? I'd love to hear in the comments


  1. I'm so glad I picked up this palette, it's pretty much a staple in my makeup routine, plus the mirror is huge :)
    xxx Claire

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