Saturday, 11 October 2014

St Tropez Spray Tan & a Beauty Queen

HELLO! I'm back after a rather long hiatus and boy, do I have some stories to tell you...

Last month, something insane happened to me. I was selected to run in the finals of Miss Sunderland GB 2014, which are the regional heats for Miss GB. I still don't believe I've done it and I won't bore you too much of how it came about. Basically, I got to parade in front of Duncan Bannatyne and Faye Tozer from Steps (eek).

Anyway, on to the good bit. For this event there was a lot of preparation involved, especially in the beauty department. Knowing I would have to flash a little flesh under stage lights, I knew my pale, celtic skin needed a bit of colour. You all know by now, I'm partial to a good DIY tan but knew it wouldn't quite cut it for this.

I was asked by St Tropez if I would like to try out there spray tan for the big night. Now, I have had only one spray tan in my early teens which was HORRIFIC but thought I'd give this one a bash.
I made sure I prepped well in advance by not applying any tan a week prior and exfoliating and moisturised every day to ensure nothing clung to any scaly bits (mmm). Luckily, my spray tan was being done by an old college friend, the lovely Bo, so I felt in complete capable hands.

St Tropez offer their spray tans in the products they already do. Normal, dark and newly released, Express. I opted for the dark, go big or go home shade. This was to ensure I wasn't washed out by any harsh light. Now, bare in mind you will have to strip down to your birthday suit for the tan, but the consultants are so professional there is no need to feel embarrassed. Once you have your protective gear on (hair turban and sticky feet pads) you're ready for your two coats.

I have to admit, the colour looked INSANE at first, but it does wash to a beautiful colour in the morning, don't fret. See...

Golden bronzed! This spray tan was done so beautifully and faded evenly which lasted about a week. I fully recommend a St Tropez spray tan for anyone who has a big event coming up and needs to be looking tip top. Here's the best bit...spend £30 on St Tropez products at selected counters and you get a spray tan for free, I had mine done at a Debenhams store. They have so much selection too, my favourite are the Anti Ageing Gradual tan for Face and the Everyday Body Gradual Tan.

Thank you to the girls at St Tropez (and I won Miss Photogenic 2014- PINCH ME)



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