Monday, 16 December 2013

Skin Saviours: The Acne Edit

Recently, I have had serious issues with my skin. You all know I am on the slightly oiler side and prone to breakouts but now I keep developing really painful lumps under the skin across my jaw and chin. It was definitely time to call an SOS and have on overhaul on my skincare routine...again. In fact this has been the perfect time to revisit old favourites and shop through my stash and discover just how good they are.

This team of 4 have most definitely been keeping any disasters at bay. Call them the A Team of skincare!

The CleanserLiz Earle Cleanse & Polish a cult classic, which has made an appearance in my skincare kit on more than several occasions has been a creamy, delicious dream heaven for my stressed out skin. Still such a simple but genius concept, packed full of natural ingredients like cocoa butter and eucalyptus provide and nourishing and cleansing effect on the skin. The beauty of this HG product is that it works. I have strayed from this and the past but whenever I go back to it, it works beautifully. Simply slater on to dry skin, wet a muslin cloth to remove. Simples. It provides a hydrating punch for harsh winter weather but is completely balancing and cleansing for even the oilier of folk. Not to mention it smells DIVINE. (Psst, now also available in larger Boots stores for us to collect even more advantage points, yessss)

The Serum- I love a treatment/serum before moisturiser. I just feel like it kinda holds my face together. If you suffer from scarring or redness you need to be looking at something with repairing and soothing properties. Which is where I discovered HealGel Intensive. This was designed by cosmetic surgeons intended to be used after surgery for scarring etc. It promises to ease any scars, stretch marks, acne, get the drift. Now this hasn't been a miracle worker like I thought it would be, however it definitely soothes redness and has shortened the life of my spots and the scars that go with them. HealGel has also helped fade the oldest of scars on my face too. I'm hoping with a little more use I'll see even better results.

The MoisturiserLa Roche Posay Effaclar Duo another bandwagon we all jumped on in the Blogosphere. When I originally bought this, it really did not agree with me. It made me breakout and I admitted defeat and left it sat unused and sad on my bathroom shelf. I only recently reached for this out of sheer deperation and I'm bloomin' glad I did. It shrinks my pores, reduces shine and keeps my make up looking fresh for the most part of the working day. I've been applying this AM and PM and this has really helped any spots rearing their ugly heads, pardon the pun. Some people use this as a treatment but I find it works beautifully as a moisturiser too and good base for foundation. In addition, it's on offer in Boots at the moment, GO GET 'EM.

The Mask- A facial mask is essential to get my skin through the week. I tend to chop and change masks depending what my skin is in need for but another rediscovery has left me baffled as to why I never used this in the first place. Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Oil Control Cleansing Mask (and breathe) is a clay based mask which we all know is brilliant for a deep pore cleanse. Now this is medicated and you only need to leave this for 5 minutes which means it is ideal before you need to go out. This is another gem that has been left unloved in my bathroom. I'd been poking and prodding my poor skin, leaving it red and sore and decided to slap this on before I had to leave the house. After 5 little minutes and Chris getting awoken to a scary white faced woman my skin had cleared of any redness and felt so soft...and not sore! Kudos to Clinique, this will definitely be a repurchase.

So now, I'm less spotty, sore and red. Maybe those Mince Pies aren't doing a great deal for a glowing complexion. There's always 2014, right?

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  1. I'm looking for a great clay mask at the moment and I may just have to invest in the Clinique-long winded one (and breathe) ;) now. :)
    I'm new to the blogging world and you've got yourself another follower! :)
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