Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Today's post is slightly different to my usual ramblings. I've been dipping my toes into the fashion blogging world and I feel I need to share this with you all...

Meet STYLIGHT. This website is Street Style HEAVEN. I consider myself a bit of a fashion noob, I have a basic sense of style but find it hard to find inspirations amongst the ever changing trends. Social media is for me, the greatest source of inspo when it comes to all things fashion and Stylight is a brilliant site to get your daily fix.

Stylight is completely user friendly, which is a big sell for me. you are able to view and like different looks and there is something for everybody. Their site also comes complete with a "shop", so if you spy someone sporting that that dream piece then you may be able to snap it up there. Stylight have their own app too, which I was pleasantly surprised about. Again, really easily used and perfect if you're on the go like me. I'm a sucker for good app.

Best thing is, anyone can sign up and join the community. Sign up if you want inspiration or just fancy being the inspiration! Bloggers, they also offer their own platform specifically for you guys too which is a brilliant way to network and to get your work out there for others to see. I've been lucky enough to work and collaborate with such an accessible site and can't wait to hear your thoughts on it too.

For fan's and fiends on Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram, you need to give this a look.

Visit STYLIGHT here

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