Saturday, 13 July 2013

Bedtime Luxe

I love bedtimes. I am a 90 year old in a 20 year old's body. I look forward to my bedtime ritual and these little pots of luxury help me get settled into my jimjam's in a flash. I believe bedtime should be a ritual so we can wind down, otherwise, I'm just not happy.

After quite literally melting off my make up with cleanser my skin needs a little TLC. I've been using Indeed Labs Pepta Bright before moisturising. The purpose of Pepta Bright is to diminish any darker pigmentation and age spots, creating a more luminous, flawless complexion. I've been using this for a while and it does make a huge difference to acne scarring-old and new. It is also quite moisturising so could be quite nice on it's own for very oily girlies. I do like adding an extra layer of moisture just for good measure. Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil (for oily/combo skins) is a dream. This oil sinks into the skin, isn't heavy and doesn't cause breakouts. Wake up in the AM, super growly, clearer skin. Winner winner chicken dinner.

And lastly, the creme de la creme of body cremes. Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk souffle body creme. Mouthful. This is just divine, delightful, happiness in a jar. This should come with a warning, because once you slather this on, you're pretty much irresistible. The fragrance lasts brilliantly and smells like holiday. Now all you need is fresh sheets and a good duvet TOG. Sleep tight!
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