Saturday, 6 April 2013

Clarins Extra-Comfort Cleansing Cream

Uh-oh. ANOTHER cleanser I'm about to rave about. Alas, this is bloomin' good stuff. I've fallen out of love with my Clarisonic and stopped using it, my skin then began to clear up but became slightly drier. I then saw this little beauty on Caroline Hirons' blog and if she says something is good then you go out and buy it. BIBLE.

Clarins Extra Comfort Cleansing Cream is aimed for drier/sensitive skins but is absolutely fine for oilier skinned ladies. It is a gorgeous creamy consistency as apposed to a thicker balm like Emma Hardie and Eve Lom. Best part? THE PRICE. The 200ml tub which is HUGE is only £25 (Eve Lom around £40 for 50ml... say no more). This product is packed full of plant extracts including Bio-Ecolia which is a lovely, natural skin balancing complex. I apply this AM and PM, you can follow the Clarins Cleansing Method which is included but I literally slap it on dry skin, work it into every nook and cranny then wash off with a flannel. At night I use it twice, once to remove all my slap the next to fully cleanse my skin.

It removes all my make up with ease and calms my skin down beautifully. I've also noticed a balance in how much oil my skin produces, it has been significantly reduced. I do still get the odd little blocked pore and spot but such a huge improvement, even the boy noticed so it must be good. I really think Clarins is going to be making more of an appearance into my daily routines and I'm excited to find other little gems from this great brand.

The Verdict? Brilliant cleanser for most skins types which need a little "pick me up". It's a no nonsense product with great value for money. You really don't need to bankrupt yourself when you have products like this available. Who doesn't want comfortable, glowing skin after all?
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