Monday, 7 January 2013

Breaking Beauty Habits

Happy New Year from VLB! I have been a bit MIA lately so forgive me, I have been so busy with visiting family away and stuffing my face with food but I'm back and blonder than ever with so much to write about. 

New Year, for everyone is time for reflection and time to reevaluate everything in our lives. For me, that means a beauty over haul. The glitter from the nails have gone along with the smokey eye. January, I feel is going to be the month of the beauty adjustment. I tend to slip in to really bad habits when it comes to my daily regime, slapping on the same old face day in day out, squeezing that blackhead a little too much and eating that chocolate bar that I really could have done without. My skin hasn't thanked me for the past couple of weeks. I've broken out, my foundations aren't sitting right, my lips are chapped and my nails have seen better days. So it's time for a BIG resolution. 

Starting with the basics, my diet. As much as it pains me to say I'm swapping sausages for salads and Fanta Lemon for water (sob) but not only will my skin thank me, so will my waistline. Not squeezing spots, I can't help myself, I love a good squeeze. Nothing good comes of it, well all know that so no more on that matter. Perfecting my skincare routine is definitely up there, I am in desperate need of a toner and a new moisturizer and maybe a Clarisonic?? Is that really £120 I want to part with? I do have new skincare on the way so I can't wait to try it out and let you all know how I get on. Bring on the dewy glow! I also need to up my intake of water and sleep but when you're a Breaking Bad fan, sleep doesn't come easy. 

Skincare aside, I need a shake up in the make up department too. I've now gone blonder which means I could do with a slight adjustment with colours I wear. I want to keep everything looking extremely fresh, soft pinks and dewy skin along with clean, manicured nails. Think Victoria Secret Angels, we can dream. I can't wait to try Dr Jarts Water Fuse BB Cream (£18). OPI Privacy Please is my new favourite polish, such a beautiful colour. Less is definitely more when my face is involved. Saying that, I do want to start wearing new trends. As someone who works with cosmetics, I should really already be doing this but it is so easy to stick to the same, safe look everyday and I've gotten bored so I will be glued to ELLE Magazine's beauty pages for inspiration! 

What's your beauty resolutions?


  1. I love these posts where you get to snoop in someone's I love that Zara studded purse, I've had my eye on that for a while now x

    1. Me too! The Zara purse is a must buy, great clutch for a big out x


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