Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Brow Edit.

Let's get one thing straight here, I am no brow expert. I have had some terrible brow faux pas in the past, one including a razor, let's not go there. Yet, now my brows are a priority when it comes to slapping on my face first thing in the morning. I've been known to throw a diva strop once that even Mariah Carey would be scared of when I've had a bad brow day. I have had a good few questions on what I use on my brows and how I apply product to my brows and it's nothing exciting or groundbreaking but here it is...

I love a thicker brow, but admittedly I have over plucked in the past and had the odd threading disaster resulting in me sporting that sperm brow style. Nice. However, in the past few months I have tried to avoid my Tweezerman's a little more and tried to grow them out which was a royal pain in the backside. Yesterday I eventually had to bite that painful bullet and go and get them threaded. I got mine done at Glow Beauty Bar @ Fenwicks and before I even sat down in the chair I made it clear that I did not want any sort of thin eyebrow. It didn't hurt like previous times, it was quick and I was really pleased with the result. Definitely worth the money and the temporary redness. Upkeep aside, the products I use to fill in and elongate those bad boys are pretty simple.

Firstly, I whip them into shape with MAC's clear brow gel, they keep any little stray down firmly. I then draw a base line along my brow with Tom Ford brow sculptor in Taupe and fill in the fronts. MAC Omega eye shadow works beautifully well at filling in any little gap I have and giving them a little more length and arch when used with a MAC #266 brush. Finally, I get some concealer and neaten up all those pesky edges before blending in MAC pigment in Vanilla/Naked into the brow bone for that highlight that I need. Bob's your uncle. It seems a little long winded but this routine really works for me and gives a natural-ish finish. So put that Sharpie down and embrace what your momma gave ya! A good brow never goes out of style.

Monday, 17 December 2012

We need to talk about Kevyn...

Naff blog title. I know. But we really do need to talk about Kevyn Aucoin. I love contouring and highlighting, they are literally my favourite part of my make up routine. Then again, who wouldn't love creating Angelina Jolie cheekbones and a Kim Kardashian glow?! Lets face it, I lack the cheekbone gene so I need all the help I can get. So, after hearing my favourite blogger ever Vivianna Does Make Up bang on about the Sculpting Powder, I knew it would be pretty bloomin' good and had to purchase (Merry Christmas to me from me xx). It may also be relevant to mention he is the genius behind the Shu Uemura lash curlers. Say no more.

Basically, the concept of The Sculpting Powder is pretty simple. It has blends of brown, grey and red tones to create a natural looking shadow to the face. Therefore being slightly more effective for a contour than bronzer since it contains the cooler, grey tones. I was slightly daunted this morning as I applied it with a MAC #109 brush, not good. I went too heavy handed and was left with a dirty, muddy patch on my face...MMM. I then whipped out the trusty MAC #187 Duo Fiber brush and it did apply like a dream, so take note on that one ladies! I wasn't, at first, won over at the result but after a good 10 minutes at staring in the mirror at dodgy angles and a bloody good Instagram photo I developed a love for Kevyn. It just looked a little more natural than bronzer and gave me those cheekbones that I didn't think I have. Okay, I still don't have killer cheekbones but we can dream.

I was naughty and bought Kevyn's little partner. The Celestial Powder in Candlelight. Nothing will ever take my love away from MAC Extra Dimension Skin Finish in Whisper of Gilt, EVER, but this comes very close. It is such a beautiful highlight, not too stark but enough to give that glow all day. It has a golden, apricot hue to it that is just so pretty on the skin. I did try this on in Space NK and I think I applied about 3 layers of it as I was just so in awe of the result. I am impressed with this first little dip into Kevyn Aucoin and yes, I do love my new cheekbones. There are definitely cheaper alternatives out there as Mr Aucoin doesn't come cheap at £34. Closest dupe for me would probably be MAC Blush in Harmony only £17.50.
Suck it in and sculpt those bad boys in! (Cue totes awks Instagram photo)

The candle featured is the new Diptyque christmas edition candle in "Amber Oud". Beaut.


Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Emma Hardie. The Bandwagon.

I bloody love a good bandwagon. This is no exception. If you know me personally you will know I am a skincare whore. I swap and change my skincare like my knickers always in search of perfect, Chelsea girl skin. Clean, fresh and blemish free (as humanly possible). Over the years I've accepted I am one oily skinned gal and there's nothing I can do about that, I can however be as nice as possible to my skin.

From being young I have always drilled it into my head I needed the most chemically filled cleanser ever, that would literally burn off my skin. Not good or chic. Yet, now I am more turned on by the more gentle, natural ingredients. Recently, I have dabbled with cleansing balms such as Eve Lom, the cult buy. After the amazingly hyped sales pitch and wallet wincing £40 that I handed over, I was left a little deflated once I found out I was basically shoving Vaseline all over my face. NICE. Mineral oils and parabens are not ok, I had the gigantic zits to prove it, READ THE LABEL.

This is where I turned to another lovely lady, Emma Hardie. Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm. A botanical cleansing balm that promises to completely remove make up, leaving the face feeling beautifully clean, balanced and radiant. I'm sold. In a nutshell, this product contains no nasties but is so effective. The main ingredients are Sea Fennel and Vitamin E which purify and minimize pores whilst calming and hydrating the skin with Rose and Jasmine extracts.  It smells beautiful, feels gorgeous and the results are fantastic. I think I even got a compliment off the boy about my skin?! Result! For £34 you get a generous 100ml and you can definitely buy it cheaper on various sites like Feel Unique. In the evening I use a tiny bit on my dry face then massage it with wet hands, rinse with muslin cloth or flannel and repeat. I then do the exact same in the morning but just once. I've noticed those pesky whiteheads are now a rarity and are on a lot smaller scale.
This cleanser for me is just a tub of joy and happiness and will be firmly a bathroom staple for a good while yet. Emma Hardie, you're a legend.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

By Terry: The Winter Warmers

Okay, I'm guilty. I've been really busy the past two weeks and have neglected this poor ol' blog. However, I am now back in business and with a lot to post about so I should really get cracking...

If you're a regular in the the blogosphere then I'm sure you would've come across this brand countless of times. By Terry is a luxurious beauty brand discovered by Terry de Gunzberg, the mastermind behind the cult classic YSL Touche Eclat. I began to dabble into this company about a year ago with taking the plunge and buying the hit lip balm, Baume de Rose. Amazing. I loved it. Now I wanted to try something a little different and these have certainly warmed my cockles.

I loved YSL Touche Eclat but felt I needed something slightly more full coverage, this is where By Terry Touche Veloutee caught my eye and I snatched it up without hesitation (I wear Shade 02 in Cream) .It claims itself to be a full coverage highlighting, concealing pen whilst delivering a perfectly natural look. It is all singing, all dancing. It totally banishes my tired looking eyes and tricks others into thinking I have had ample amount of beauty sleep (99% of the time, I really haven't). It has a fantastic brush, large enough for one sweep to be enough per eye and it smells divine. It seems to hold up well most of the day on me and I also use it around any nasty dark areas around my nose, winner winner chicken dinner! This is certainly a staple in my make up bag and will be repurchased, bright eyes are always on trend, right?

The next little purchase has left me sitting on the fence. As the original Baume de Rose firmly holds a place in my heart I was most definitely captured by the newest edition of this product. Or De Rose Balm Baume Precieux (phew) is basically Baume de Rose in a tube enriched with 24 Carat Pink Gold which encourages cell renewal. This pretty much works the best on its own, however not a massive fan of the gritty texture and I don't find it as nourishing as the original. Yet, I do feel like looks really effortless and pretty on the lips and probably a little bit festive too! I would also like to think it gives me a Rosie Huntington-Whiteley pout, a girl can dream.


Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Weekend Post #1: REN Glycolatic Radiance Renewal Mask

It goes without saying I am the biggest face mask fiend and I am constantly looking for a face mask that is going to clear up my skin and make it feel squeaky clean. I have tried endless amounts of masks, budgets buys and higher end ones, I can't get enough.  Now, being an oilier faced gal I've definitely educated myself into what NOT to put on my skin. Parabens, Mineral Oil, no thank you! So after discovering this on numerous beauty blogs (and spying Millie Mac had also used it) I knew I had to try. Anyway, I slapped this on this morning and here's the breakdown...

This is packed full of natural good stuff which I am all for. Passion fruit, grape, pineapple, a little like what I have for breakfast but for your face. These natural acids act as an exfoliator whilst encouraging cell renewal giving you gorgeous, glass like skin. It also gets rid of all those nasty dead skin cells which are the culprit of those blackheads we all hate. Now, I have made one slight rookie error in the fact I applied this in the AM. On the box it does state that it is suitable for all skin types EXCEPT those with sensitive skin. During application, I did feel a slight tingle but this is expected yet when I did remove it I was left with a rather tomato complexion. Not good when you're about to go out for dinner. However, the redness does subside but I would definitely put this on before bed so you wake up with gorgeous skin, minus the "glow".

It's pretty amaze. Smells like marmalade and looks like it but does a hell of a lot more. I am hoping with continued use that it does improve my skin as I have been having a rather horrendous time when it comes to the good ol' stratum corneum, Eve Lom cleansing balm I am looking at you! But that's a different story for a different day... REN Glycolatic Radiance Renewal Mask is definitely going to be my new Sunday night BFF. 

Has anyone else tried any other REN products? 

REN is avaliable online, Space NK stores, Fenwicks, John Lewis and Selfridges.


Thursday, 22 November 2012

Dream Team: The Makeup

Lately, my make up mantra has been "less is more" and is a far cry to the heavy coverage slap I used to cake my face in. These 4 little god sends have been gracing my face for a good couple of months lately and I am bloomin' obsessed!
I've forever been on the hunt for a foundation that has half decent coverage which gives a fresh glow but nothing has come up to the mark until a little peak into Space NK. I was initially drawn to Chantecaille's tinted moisturizer "Just Skin" but the sales assistant protested I tried their foundation "Future Skin" instead. It declares itself as an oil free, gel foundation providing a medium to full coverage. It also claims it is a treatment on the skin once washed off. I tried it on in straight away and I was sold. It was everything I was looking for! Now this little beauty will set you back a wallet wincing £58, luckily I had saved quite a lot on my N.Dulge card so it did soften the blow a little...
And of course I use the holy grail of bronzers, NARS Bronzer in Laguna. Say no more. It's perfect. Along with NARS blusher in Deep Throat (cue giggles.) This just compliments everything and I actually feel like I've caught a little sun!

A few month ago I purchased Chantecaille's Lip Chic in Geranium. Wow. This lipstick is amazing. It completely hydrates my lips while giving off a softly pigmented peachy tint. I cannot put this down at all and it smells divine.

Another victory to Space NK...I'm sure I'm due another visit soon?


Saturday, 13 October 2012

The new chick on the block...

Hey everyone, I'm back and with a new blog!
If you have any ideas for new posts just give me them!

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Brand new posts will be up around Monday, keep your eyes peeled.

S x
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